Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New barn name, and future plans...

Hey everyone!

Formerly known as Double E Farms, I am now back as Ahyoka Acres. I found that there was at least one other barn named Double E in my general location, but still wanted a name that would honor my heart horse that I lost two years ago. I decided on Ahyoka Acres. Ahyoka is a native american word meaning "the bringer of happiness", so it fit what I wanted to a T. 

With a new name came a new color scheme. As much as I love my royal blue and yellow, I wanted something more professional for the upper levels of eventing. After a lot of thought, I decided on black with red and yellow. Something classy, and with a splash of color, that is also easy to find in blankets, saddle pads, etc (thanks to the newmarket line from Horseware Ireland).

The other news is that we will be grading and rebuilding the arena this spring. When finished it will be around 100x200 and have a nice soft sand footing that should make it weather much better (currently, I have dirt that turns into puddles of mud with the rain). I will also be chucking the wood fencing and rebuilding with the "back 40 pipe and rope" made by 440 Fence Company.

Once the arena is done, hopefully by late spring, I will be able to get a few lessons going which is very exciting to look forward to.

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